Youth Ministry In Nepal

Nepal at Glance

Geographically the country of Nepal is located in between two great countries in north China and south, east and west bordered with India. This country has the highest peak in the world “Mt. Everest” and has some places which are 70m from sea level. It has 27.5millons population and altogether 26 languages are spoken among 40 Ethnic Groups. Nepal used to be the only Hindu kingdom in the world. But then two years back the Maoist led government declared this country as a secular state which allowed every individual to practice their faith openly.

God is at work

The Church growth in Nepal is rapid as in other Asian countries. God is moving so mightily in this little country to build and make His Kingdom lifestyle to each and every individual raising and reviving His Church where there are lots of believe systems and people have many confusion about the spirit world and frustrated on their own believe system. God is raising pastors, leaders, evangelists, bible teachers, speakers, women leaders, children ministers, youth leaders and worship leaders in this country to draw His dear children into His kingdom.

Training Youth Leaders/Youth Ministry

The country has 60-65% of young people who are obligated to practice their parent’s believe system as they grow up. There is no satisfactory percentage of young people exist in the Church based on the percentage of young people in the nation but still there are many young people in the Church. But then It is so challenging to see the church not really standing for youth ministry and empowering their youth for the ministry and part of the reason is because most of the churches do not have an idea of the importance of youth ministry in the Church.

God allowed me to speak in many big youth conferences in the year 2006 and I asked the same question to the youth leaders who attended those conferences throughout country “how is the youth ministry in your the Church?” almost everybody replied. “I am a youth leaders in the church not because I am trained and know how to lead youth but because there were no one and the leaders of the Church appointed me as a leader so we do not know how to lead the youth group and its been challenging.” Those answers really caught my heart and I knew since most of the Churches have no idea about youth ministry so they won’t have trained youth leaders meaning it is youth leading youth and in another word one of their peer group become youth leader among them.

This has been my passion since then to train youth leaders of the local churches to see their youth ministry becoming more effective in discipling young people in God’s way and their leaders to understand the value of youth ministry and trained youth leaders in the Church.

It is sad to imagine if we don’t trained the youth leaders who are disciplining other youth in the church or reach young people for Christ we will loose them and have no godly leaders in the Church and communities in years to come and especially in the country like Nepal where there are many other forces or believe systems that they can be dragged into. So this is a challenge before us that if we do not reach our young people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, other people will reach them out with their own messages.

We praise God that He is raising God fearing young people in this country but then there are so much to do and to see Christian young people leading the Change in the Communities with the Kingdom value so that the Kingdom taste will be tested by everyone in this little beautiful country. This is way the need of training youth leaders and the youth ministry in Nepal.

Be praying and Be a part of what God is doing in this Nation.

Report by:
Jomesh Tamang
Youth Ministry Coordinator
Himalayan Bible Study Academy, Nepal

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